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Grooved Cobbler’s Nails


These grooved cobbler’s nails have history and function. They are 3/4″ in length with a 4-star groove for grip and a flat head. They are truly vintage from the 1960s and have been passed down from shoemaker to cobbler to shoemaker in Greater Vancouver for the past 60 years. Some of these are partially rusted – about 1/4 of every box. Each box contains 1lb of nails.

  • Blue Grooved 3/4″ tacks
  • Each box is 1lb of nails
  • Partially rusted – can be used in rust dyeing
  • Made in Germany in the 60s (Cold War Era)

The 4-star groove that runs the length of these nails helps prevent the nail from wiggling up during motion. The heads are flat for a smooth finish once nailed into leather heel stacks. Perfect for building heel stacks and nailing on heels in shoemaking and shoe repair.

We say that these nails are part of Vancouver’s shoemaking history because it’s true! They came to us when we bought out a shoe repair shop that was closing, came to that shoemaker from a foot merchant, who got them from another shop that had closed out… ect. As such, these grooved cobbler’s nails have seen history and have some rust to prove it!

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