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Repair Spotlight – Watch Straps!

We do four main types of custom Watch Straps, made in-house at Awl Together Leather in East Vancouver.

For all options, we can either re-use the watch’s current buckle or install a new one. Buckles are available in nickel or brass (allergy-free) and we most commonly recommend matching them to the metal colour on the watch body. We have lots of different leather options in stock, in all thicknesses, and are happy to advise on what leathers will give you the best result for your item.

The “3D Luxury Watch Strap”

These watch straps are an easy choice for higher-end/luxury watches. We can make them out of a range of leathers (including specialty/exotics) and line them with thin, soft lining leather. Between the two layers, is an expertly skived center piece, allowing the strap to look slightly “3D” and for the stitches to recess towards the strap’s edge. These straps are always hand-stitched, to ensure accuracy.

The “Moulded Watch Strap”

These are most commonly made for watches that did not originally come with a strap, such as pocket watches. These are modeled after WWI and WWII wrist bands, made to carry the pocket watch, which has been re-appropriated by Steampunk culture. A great option for re-enactors, or those who like a bit more of a conversation piece upon their wrist. Each watch strap is made of wet-molded vegetable-tanned leather, so it’s guaranteed to be a perfect fit.

A custom made watch strap

The “Simple Two-Piece”

These watch straps are most commonly added to an “everyday watch”. We can hand-stitch the sides for the full length (see above left) or just at the buckle (see above right). It’s most common for us to use a thicker piece of leather for these. As such, the lining is optional and a less common suggestion (but will depend on the leather chosen).

The “Deisel Band”

This strap style has a wider base strap, with the watch sitting overtop. This can make for a more comfortable wearing experience, as the side touching the top of your wrist is fully flat. A style that is often seen as steampunk, it can be customized with rivets, sewing, studs, etc. to change up the appearance.

Want something a little different? Send us an email and we’ll let you know if we can make it for you! We’ve made loads of different designs and variations, and love working with different leathers and colours.