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Pre-Books & Rush Options!

Not everyone can leave their items in our shop for our average two-week turn-around time, and we have solutions for that! Especially as motorcycle season ramps up, we’re here to help!


Pre-Book Your Repair / Alteration

Pre-books allow you to confirm an order with us, take your item away, bring it back when we’re ready to do the work (usually in two weeks) and then get it back in two-three business days!

To schedule a pre-book, bring your item in for a full quote, pay the total due (this confirms your spot), and bring it back the week we are booking for in the same condition it was in for the quote! If you’d like to change your job in the time between the quote and intake, we can adjust accordingly. It’s that simple!


Rush It!

Rush Fees exist for customers that need items returned faster than our usual two-week turn-around time. There are two rush fee options, both calculated as a percentage of your total. A pick-your-date rush (beyond 48 hours) adds 65% to your ticket’s total and pays for some overtime and some sneaky scheduling on our part. A super rush (1-2 days turn around) adds 150% to your ticket, as we have to stop everything and work overtime.