We're open Tues-Thurs 8:30-5 & Fri/Sat 10-6! Pre-booking and rush options available!

Custom Goods

We love taking on small to large custom projects for whatever your heart desires, including bags, wallets, belts, sheaths, and more! We’ve reworked motorcycle gear, made movie sets, and produced festival and cosplay gear. Chances are if it’s vintage, geeky, or hyper-functional then we’ll want to make it!

How It Works:

  1. Let us know what you’re looking for! Book an appointment or send an email with as much information as you can muster to info@awltogetherleather.ca
  2. Timelines: Vary. Simple strap-based items (keychains, belts) can expect a 1-2 week turn-around. Medium items (knife cases, watch straps, wallets) are closer to 2-3 weeks. Large projects that require a fitting (saddlebag, jackets, cosplay outfits) take 4-6 weeks for completion.
  3. Pricing: Depends on the project. All projects require a deposit or full payment before we start! Do let us know your budget. (GST and PST apply to all new items!)

Our most Common Custom Jobs include: (but are not limited to!) 

  • Knife and Tool Sheaths
  • Camera and guitar straps
  • Harnesses
  • Belts
  • Backpacks/Handbags/Tote Bags
  • Watch Straps

Curious about our Leather or Hardware offerings? Click here and scroll down!

Accessorizing Your Existing Goods:

Want something extra spiffy on your jacket? Studs you say? We’ve got you. We will add custom studs (of all shapes and sizes), rings, chains, buckles, straps, snaps and patches to just about anything. We also custom stamp words or patterns into the leather with the options of a gold or silver finish.

Note! We do not provide patches (you’ve got to bring them) or embroidery (it’s a special fancy machine)!


Need custom shoes? Take a peek through our Studio-Mate’s work, Amy Slosky.

Tess sewing custom goods on the Walking Foot