We're OPEN Tue-Thurs 8:30-5 & Fri/Sat 10-6:30. We're closed for the holidays the 19th-4th, last day for custom holiday orders is Dec 1st!

We’re Tess & Ariss, Welcome!

Working to repair the future of cobbling

Welcome to Awl Together Leather! We are a custom leatherwork and shoe repair studio located in East Vancouver, BC, co-owned by Ariss Grutter and Tess Gobeil. We opened our doors during the COVID-19 pandemic on May 4th, 2021, after a successful Kickstarter campaign that reached $22,544 in funding. As Female and Queer cobblers, we don’t fit the mold & neither do our customers. We’re here to provide accessible repairs and quality, hand-made leather goods to all those seeking socially conscious leatherworkers!

Ariss and Tess first met while working together at a local boot manufacturer and formed strong solidarity as underrepresented leatherworkers – both sick of sexism and unstable work environments. Together, we have over 10 years of leatherwork experience. We have named our company to reflect our collective values ‘All Together’ and a commonly used leather tool – an Awl. Welcome to Awl Together Leather!

Proud members of the BC Gear and Apparel Association, SRI (Shoe Repair International), and the East Vancouver Culture Crawl.

We are passionate about our work

The Leather

Our leather is constantly in rotation. We source locally and from afar. Our stock will always consist of 8 oz natural veg tan, 6-8 oz black oil tan, 8 – 10 oz black belting leather, many lightweight aniline and chrome-tanned leathers (black, red, blue, gold, silver, etc), lots and lots and lots of scraps. It’s likely we’ll also have some rough-out leathers (suede and nubuck) as well as the occasional exotic (ostrich shins, snakeskin). Craving something specific? Let us know. We’ll find it for you.

The Accessories

Want something extra spiffy on your jacket? Studs you say? We’ve got you. We’ll will add custom studs (of all shapes and sizes), rings, chains, buckles, straps, snaps and patches to just about anything. We also custom stamp words or patterns into leather with the options of a gold or silver finish.

Note: we do not provide patches (you’ve got to bring them) or embroidery!

The Hardware

We currently stock hardware in silver and brass in a variety of buckles, snaps, zippers, studs, spots, eyelets, rings & attachments! Have a nickel allergy? Don’t fret! We have solid brass options that are body safe for long-term use.

What We Don't Do

We don’t do hand or machine embroidering (it’s a special fancy machine), hot foil stamping or laser engraving