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We provide full upholstery services for smaller projects including motorcycle seats, chairs, cushions, etc! Additionally, we also can repair your old cover, patch holes, and restore color. We can not currently accept chairs, couches, or stools that require two people to carry. If you’re concerned about your item’s size, send us a picture first!

Motorcycle Seats & Bicycle Seats:
We do custom motorcycle seats! We ask that you provide the seat pan (the frame we build the foam & leather onto), but we’ve got the rest. Similarly, we are happy to recover your bicycle seats with new leather for you.

Chairs, Cushions &  Strap-Frames:

We happily re-upholster cushions and small chairs (movable by one person), using the material/leather of your selection and design! Replacing the straps that hold up cushions on a metal-or-wood frame is an extremely common job for us! Large items are subject to a storage fee ($20/day) if not picked up within a week of completion.

Marine Upholstery:
Yes! We can repair sails, boat covers & other heavy textile sewing needs. However, if you’re planning on bringing in a large sail, please send us an email first.

Car Upholstery:
We provide upholstery services for seats and parts that can be removed from a vehicle. This includes complete re-upholstery services and repairs. *Due to Covid-19, our in-car upholstery services have been suspended indefinitely (meaning we can not enter your car to complete work)*

For rates, please e-mail us with specifics on your upholstery project (length, width) and the type of pattern work you’d like incorporated!