We're open Tues-Thurs 8:30-5 & Fri/Sat 10-6! Pre-booking and rush options available!

Bag Repair & Restoration

We offer a wide range of repair services on bags and purses! In the shop, we keep a stock of high-quality brass and nickel hardware and are often able to source additional matching odds and ends. We only use trusted suppliers and high quality leather, as we want your bag to last you a lifetime.

Have a beloved handbag needing a tune-up? Want to prolong a backpack that you haven’t found a replacement for? Did your pup chew the straps off your tote bag? We’re happily here to help save your beloved leather bags! If you’re not sure if we can do the job, please send us an email (with photos preferably!) or swing by in person for a free assessment.

Have a bag that is beyond repair and you’d like re-made entirely, or a bag design in your head you would like to see come to life? That would be under Custom Goods instead!

Common Jobs:

  • Fully replacing main bag and pocket linings
  • New straps and handles, as well as shoulder strap pads
  • Sewing (zippers, undone stitching areas etc)
  • Hardware (rivets, snaps, magnetic clasps, buckles, etc)
  • Patching (holes, fixing tears, strap attachment points, worn piping and corners)
  • Re-dyes and re-colouring
  • Salt-Stain Removal and Cleaning


We’re committed to operating a safe leatherwork studio, which is why we’ve installed the best preventions against cancers that stem from working with leather cement, leather dust and dye fumes – a common ailment for life-long cobblers. We’ve installed modern ventilation systems and provide our staff with multiple forms of safety equipment. We take safety very seriously here! See our COVID-19 protocol here.

Ariss holding a repaired bag and telescope case with a newly installed strap