We're OPEN Tue-Thurs 8:30-5 & Fri/Sat 10-6:30. We're closed for the holidays the 19th-4th, last day for custom holiday orders is Dec 1st!


Want to work for us? We always accept applications from interested parties, although may not hire depending on our current workflow / staffing. We consistently hire industrial sewists, leatherworks and cobblers to work with us; with the goal to train more young, underrepresented leatherworkers to sustain the industry as the current workforce retires.

Any active job openings are listed below. Generally, the demand for industrial sewing is greater than that of shoe repair, and applicants with sewing experience are always prioritized. When we do hire we look for:

  • Professional experience with industrial sewing machines (leather or textile)
  • Professional experience in shoe repair
  • The ability to independently problem solve to fix an issue across mediums (eg. bike mechanics)

Current Postings