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Redyes & Restorations

We happily redye, condition, and restore leather items such as jackets, bags, chairs, etc! There are so many different leather types out there that we always ask to see the item in person to properly access the steps needed for a great result!

Restoration & Weather Treatments

We regularly help extend the life of leather by various weather treatments and full restoration options – including spot removal, de-molding treatments, salt stain removal, waterproofing, etc. Available all smooth leathers, most exotic leathers (snake, stingray), some suede/nubucks, and some sheepskin/mouton.

Black Redyes

For black redye we 100% guarantee our work! we offer a ‘back-to-black treatment to renew faded gear as well as multiple methods for turning an item black.

Color Redyes

Renewing an item’s original color or changing colors requires special appraisal for guaranteed results – we ask to see all color redyes in person to explain the process. In general, leather when treated turns one shade darker and you can only redye to a darker shade than the original.

Shoe Shine & Boot-Blacking

We offer shoe shining and boot-blacking services including hand-painted patinas, mirror shines and machine shines!

Have a specific question? Send us an e-mail with a pic to see what we say! Better yet, visit us in-store.