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Awl Together Leather is pleased to be a member of select organizations that share our values.

BC Apparel and Gear logo

BC Apparel and Gear Association – BCAG aims to invest in a sustainable apparel future for BC, by promoting training and expanding educational opportunities. We can be found listed in their Members Directory.

SSIA logo

Shoe Service Institute of America (SSIA) – The SSIA aims to further shoe repair, through educating consumers, as well as connecting repairers/wholesalers and customers. We can be found listed on their Map Directory and are one of two SSIA shops in Vancouver.

Daughters of St. Crispin

Daughters of St. Crispin – We playfully consider ourselves members of the Daughters of St. Crispin. The Daughters were the first national women’s labour union in the USA – and were comprised of shoemakers, cobblers, tanners and leatherworkers.