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Zero Waste Yukon at Raven Recycling

Awl Together Leather is incredibly excited to be collaborating with Zero Waste Yukon and Raven’s Reuseful in Whitehorse, YT. Awl Together Leather will be taking up residence in the Reuseful store in Raven Recycling’s Depot from May 24 – 27th, 2023. Feel free to drop by between 12-5 pm with your shoes, boots, and other items in need of repair.

For all items brought in, Tess and Ariss will be offering an assessment. We will coach you through basic care and repair FOR FREE! For more major repairs that can’t be completed in Whitehorse, we will be charging regular rates, including return shipping.


Drop-in Services:

We have a long list of items we can help you repair, including shoes, boots, hikers, jackets, outdoor gear, and bags; materials such as leather, denim, canvas, wool, etc.

We are bringing up a small industrial sewing machine with us, as well as all sorts of tools, setters, and hardware. We may not have a perfect match for every scenario, but will probably have something to help!

  • Replacing missing or broken hardware including rivets, snaps, chicago screws, button studs, zipper sliders etc
  • Simple re-stitching on bags, jackets, boots and shoes, sports equipment, and heavy fabrics (denim, canvas, etc.)
  • Small re-gluing jobs on leather and rubber
  • Hole patching on torn or cracked leather
  • Conditionings and cleanings
  • DIY advice! We’ve fixed thousands of items, so feel free to come pick our brains.


Return Mail Services: 

For items we cannot repair in Whitehorse, we will be bringing them back to Vancouver to be repaired in our shop. All items will be charged return shipping with a 4-6 week timeline. This includes:

Full Cobbling services:

  • New Heels, Halfsoles and Fullsoles
  • Redyeing, polishes, cleaning, and conditioning
  • Sewing of all types (seams, velcro, elastics, zippers, etc)
  • Stretching
  • Blundstones to Birkenstocks, we do it all

Leather Alterations and Repairs:

  • Re-lining jackets and bags
  • Sleeve shortenings, tapering, expansions, hemming (anything a regular clothing tailor can do – but for leather/heavyweight!)
  • Motorcycle Gear (patches, repairs, etc)
  • Full zipper replacements



Tess and Ariss will be hosting a workshop covering the basics for a wide variety of repairs open to anyone interested! Please RSVP via the Eventbrite link here.


About Zero Waste Yukon:

Operating on the traditional territories of the Kwanlin Dun First Nation and Ta’an Kwachan Council, Zero Waste Yukon is a collaborative effort created to increase awareness and action in Yukon communities around the consumption and disposal of resources. Zero Waste Yukon’s vision is to transition the Yukon from a linear ‘take-make-waste’ model to a closed-loop circular economy which designs out waste and pollution, keeps products and materials in use, and regenerates natural systems.


Awl Together’s Vancouver Location:

The Vancouver location will be closed during our trip to Whitehorse! All projects have been booked accordingly. Please reach out for rush fees or pre-booking inquiries if you have any concerns.