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Physical Accessibility

Our upper floor is mostly accessible to people using mobility aids; all consultations and fittings are done here. Our lower floor is closed to the public and separated by two stairs. If you have a disability, either visible or invisible, and have a difficult time reaching us, please let us know & we’ll do our best to accommodate you For detailed measurements and photos please see our full accessibility audit

Deaf Folx

Our owners and staff all have minimal ASL skills – meaning we can say hi and our names and will stumble over the rest. We usually use screen typing to communicate during fittings or intakes, and are happy to work with ASL interpreters. For individual events, ASL interpreters will be noted on the event page.

Blind Folx

We are happy to provide extra, free customer service to people with sight impairments. This could include describing each material in colour & providing samples to touch. Let us know what works best for you!

Scent Sensitivity / Asthma

Our workshop is not scent-free nor dust-free. Leather and glue both smell like leather and glue! All our products and staff (hand soap, hand sanitizer) are scent-free. On our lower floor (closed to the public) lives leather dust from sanding. Please wear a mask if cobbling shops trigger reactions for you.

Pricing Accessibility

Our pricing covers our base costs (space, intake systems, machinery upkeep, etc) and provides a living wage to our employees. We ask for full pre-payment of all items, however can provide payment plans upon request. Taxes are additional to our rates. Everything we do is subject to 5% GST. Our brand new items, leather, and hardware are subject to 7% PST. For information on our accounting, or to provide your PST number for an exception please contact us directly.

While we can’t change the overhead of our business and simply cannot work for free, we do recognize leather can be expensive. Talk to us about payment plans or low-income discounts. We do not accept trades on any of our work – they unfortunately don’t pay our bills!