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Sewing Stickers


These sewing stickers were designed and printed locally in East Vancouver, Canada. They are die-cut, average around 3 inches, are made of vinyl, and are generally awesome. These were originally designed as a reward for our successful Kickstarter campaign.

A little background on each sticker:

  • Making it Sing(er) – this is a pun on the iconic Singer sewing machines that we use daily!
  • Splashy Peach – Peach cobbler? Get it? I’ll admit this one is a stretch but who doesn’t love a …peach?
  • Awl Night Long – any maker knows the long nights we ~awl~ pull!
  • Shoe Grease – a shout out to all the bootblacks and shoe shiners out there!
  • Feminist Cobbler – our industry is 82% male and 82% over the age of 45. A little feminist kick couldn’t hurt

These sewing stickers are a perfect gift for any sewists, feminists, or boot-and-peach lovers! I’d like to sincerely apologize for all the puns on this page – it couldn’t be avoided.

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