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Vibram 2055 (Eton) Soles + Heels


The Vibram 2055S (Eton) is a popular alternative to other studded English-style soles, such as Dainite. They’re fairly grippy and long-lasting, making them a great option for a durable dress shoe sole. Soles are 8mm thick and feature the subtle Vibram logo. Their softness makes them also makes them a great candidate for easy sole-stitching, either by hand or machine. If you like the Vibram 2055S for your dress shoes, the Vibram 430 is another common choice.


All pairs of full soles come with a pair of matching heels included. We would normally recommend you select the heel size that matches the sole size, however, that is up to your discretion. If the exact heel size is unavailable, you can purchase a size up or down, depending on the final heel block shape you prefer. The Vibram 2055 heels are 8 mm thick.


The sole lengths are as follows, measured to nearest 1/8th” and rounded down:

  • Size 7-8 – 11 7/8″
  • Size 9-10 – 12 5/8″
  • Size 11-12 – 13 1/8″
  • Size 13-14 – 14 1/8″