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Vibram 700 Soles + Heels


The Vibram 700 (Tygum) Sole has a classic chevron pattern, sometimes referred to as a V-Bar! Great for industrial, work and fashion purposes. Comes in “Brown” and “Black”. Soles are 7mm thick.  Both soles and heels are oil-resistant. If you are seeking something with the same thickness, but a bit more tread than the Vibram 700, consider the Vibram 430.


All pairs of full soles come with a pair of heels included. Heel of the same size as sole will typically be narrower than the back width of the sole, as you are meant to sand the that area to shape. You can purchase a larger heel size, if you would like a final heel block shape that is ‘wider’. As these heels have metal washers inside of them, we would not recommend sizing up dramatically.  The Vibram 700 heels are 19mm thick. In the brown colorway, only size 12 heels are available.


The sole lengths are as follows, measured to nearest 1/8th” and rounded down:

  • Size 8 – 11 5/8″
  • Size 10 – 12 3/8″
  • Size 12 – 13 1/8″
  • Size 14 – 13 3/4″