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We’re Hiring a Cobbling Apprentice!

Awl Together Leather is currently inviting applications for a part-time Cobbling Apprentice. Position start date is early October 2023 (flexible). Applications are currently being accepted via email with a deadline of September 25th. As cobbling is a rare skill, we welcome candidates with transferrable skills to apply.

tess is cobbling a pair of shoes>

We do not expect applicants to have experience doing shoe repair! If you have an interest or some experience in leatherwork, repair, shoe shining, or making things, you’re welcome to apply.

We find those who have experience with creative problem solving and using their hands often have the easiest time learning the trade. If you believe you can do this job but are lacking a few of the skills, apply anyway!


Position Summary:

The part-time cobbling apprentice works 2 days a week for a total of 15 hours per week (flexible). The part-time cobbling apprentice will begin by shadowing the cobbler(s) and will remain working closely as we operate a two-person shoe repair team.

The majority of this job is completing repairs on customer footwear (teardown/preparation, gluing, installing, sanding, polishing etc). If the candidate shows an aptitude, the position may expand to include some sewing-related shoe repairs (elastics, gussets, patches, etc). This position does not encompass leather alterations/garment repairs or custom leatherwork. The position may sometimes include assistance on production-line assembly of wholesale items or large orders. Finally, this position also includes answering questions on the phone, handing back finished customer items, and general shop maintenance/ cleaning.

Cobbling requires working with industrial sanders and is best for someone comfortable with heavy machinery and sharp tools. It is also a position that requires hand/wrist strength and is not a good fit for people with pre-existing wrist conditions (arthritis, carpal tunnel, etc.).


Key Responsibilities:

    • Use industrial sanding machines and hand-tools to prepare and repair footwear

    • Basic customer service including greeting customers at pick up and answering the phone, if willing

    • Completing gluing, assembling and finishing of footwear


Skills and Abilities

    • Be willing to ask questions, ready to learn new ways of doing things and curious

    • Able to follow instructions

    • Be able to take constructive feedback gracefully and work closely with the team

    • Strong attention to detail (with leather, there’s less room for errors!)

    • A sense of confidence around repair/making

    • Be able to predict potential problems and address/ask about them before they arise

    • Be self-directed in completing tasks once training is complete

    • Have good time-management skills and ability to maintain workshop rates/quotas

    • Treat all fellow employees, clients, tools, and the space with respect

    • Clear and direct communication

    • Be able to organize multiple items at once into a time-sensitive workflow



This position comes with a three-month training period in which we will teach you how to safely operate all industrial machinery, gluing procedures, assembling and dis-assembling properly, and the basics of working with leather. Hourly rates may include a training wage for those with little direct experience.


Hours / Wages:

This position could work well for a student or someone only able to commit to 2 days a week. Our studio is open Tues-Thurs, 8:30-5pm and Fri-Sat, 10-6pm. The shifts must occur on two consecutive days.
Hourly rate is $17/hr for the first three months (unless the candidate has industry experience) and will increase to $17.25/hr – $20/hr (with annual increases based on performance reviews).

We pay a 4% vacation pay per paycheque (not accrued), as well as standard EI, CPP and WorkSafe BC premiums. Pay is on a bi-weekly basis through a payroll company.


Health and Safety:

Our workshop requires all staff to wear masks. We encourage but do not require employees to be fully vaccinated. Our Covid policy changes as Covid rates and mandates change and we consult with all employees before changing our precautions. You can view our policies in this blog post.

Proper safety equipment is available in the studio including a variety of gloves, eye protection, sounds protection, first aid supplies, anti-fatigue mats, 3M respirators (for redyes), and a contained glue/fume house.



    • Access to use our machinery/space for personal non-resale projects

    • Wholesale access to our suppliers

    • Open studio time (after-hours, one night a week) with one-to-one mentoring

    • Seasonal team events


Inclusive Hiring:

Our workshop is currently staffed entirely by underrepresented individuals in our industry. We are the only female*-owned cobbling shop in Western Canada and the first queer-owned shop in all of Canada. We happily accept applicants from all backgrounds and encourage other under-represented individuals to apply. If you have any accessibility needs, please let us know!

*Ariss is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, but happily defaults to this for the ease of a tagline.
For our full physical accessibility audit, please take a look at our accessibility information here. 


To Apply:

Show us what you’ve made! Send your resume, a portfolio of 2-10 completed projects (anything you’ve sewn, fixed, made, or are proud of), and two references to info@awltogetherleather.ca

We will respond to all applicants after Sept 25th, when we return from the weekend. Successful applicants will receive a link to book an interview with us. We expect to interview the week of Sept 25-30th, outside of our work hours. If you know your schedule for that week, feel free to let us know.


Thank you
– Tess and Ariss

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