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Large Horsehair Buffing Brush


This Large Horsehair Buffing Brush is our tried-and-true favorite. It’s got a great groove around the long sides, perfect for keeping a good grip on while you buff your leather boots. After applying shoe polish, shoe cream, or leather conditioner with a Dauber, buff the footwear (or garment) with this brush for a lustrous shine.

  • 100% Horsehair
  • High-density bristles
  • Wooden Handle
  • The perfect hand size with a grooved grip
  • Approximately 6.5″L  x 2.25″ W x 2″ T, 116 grams

This buffer brush is 100% horsehair bristles with a large surface area and high bristle density, which produces the best shine by hand. The large horsehair buffing brush is an essential part of any shoe care kit for ultimate shine. Going for a mirror gloss shoe shine? This is the large horsehair buffing brush that you will need. The best shoe care kits will have multiple for black, brown, neutral, and any other color you have!

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