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Awl Together Leather’s Kickstarter

Awl Together Leather ran a hugely successful Kickstarter Campaign to help open our storefront during the COVID-19 pandemic! We reached our $10,000 goal within 36 hours and succeeded at fundraising over $22,500 by the end of the monthlong campaign period. A wide variety of rewards and add-ons were offered, including leather keychains, dopp kits and bespoke shoes from Amy Slosky. We were absolutely blown away by the support, from our local community and afar. A huge, huge thanks to everyone who contributed, shared and helped us getting this off the ground.

“Our Mission – About Us

We’re opening a new space to stir change within our industry – specifically to provide a stable workplace to train and launch a new wave of Female, Queer, Trans and/or BIPOC leatherworkers. Our industry isn’t dying – but its current male-dominated workforce is retiring* and we need to start now if we want to ensure our industry shifts towards environmental sustainability and diverse ownership.

Ariss and Tess first met while working together at a local boot manufacturer and formed strong solidarity as underrepresented leatherworkers – both sick of sexism and unstable work environments. Together, we have over 10 years of leatherwork experience. We have named our company to reflect our collective values ‘All Together’ and a commonly used leather tool – an Awl. Welcome to Awl Together Leather!”

*Currently 82% of cobblers in BC are over the age of 45 (near retirement) and 82% of the entire workforce is male.  Source

Read the rest over at our campaign on Kickstarter!