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Huberd’s Shoe Grease


One can of Original Hubbard’s Shoe Grease. Made in Colorado, USA, this is a classic leather care product for anyone looking to prolong the life of their leather goods. When initially applied, your leather will have a bit of an oily sheen to it. Overnight, it will sink into your leather, leaving it hydrated and supple. Apply a small amount to start. Not recommended for Suedes, Nubuck or Roughout, as it will flatten the nap irreversibly. May darken leather.

  • Net Weight: 7.5oz
  • Manufactured using pine tar and beeswax
  • Contains no animal fats, tallow compounds or synthetic compounds
  • Measures 3″ L x 3″ T x 3″ W – weighing 269 grams


If you’re looking for a waterproof that won’t change the nap or darken leather, consider a Waterproofing Spray.