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Famaco Shoe Shine Cloth


The Famaco Shoe Shine Cloth is the same one we use in-house at Awl Together Leather when we polish a shoe or buff a garment. They are extremely soft, lint-free, and have serged edges.

  • Measures approximately 15.5″ x “11.5”,
  • Weighing 20 grams
  • Famaco high-quality brand

A Famaco Shoe Shine Cloth differs from a dauber brush in that a polish cloth is best used for applying shoe care products in small amounts by hand. These cloths are iconically wrapped around your index and middle finger and then wrist by professional shoe shiners. Different corners of the cloth can be used for different colors and products and may be machine washed to remove old products. The best shoe care kits will include a large horsehair buffing brush to buff your item to a shine.

Outfit your shoe care kit with the best shoe care products including the Famaco Shoe Shine Cloth that polishes leather shoes and boots.

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