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Long Metal Shoe Horn


This long metal shoe horn is an accessibility tool to help you get into shoes and boots with ease! It’s 22 inches long with top loop for hanging.


  • 22″ in length to minimize bending
  • smooth, light, rust-proof
  • hanging loop
  • 4 colors: silver, blue, black, red

Perfect for anyone who has trouble bending to reach the back of their footwear to pull the heel up! This tool rests in the back of your shoe (against the heel) and after you slide your foot into your shoe, you pull the smooth shoe horn out. This accessibility tool is a must-have for anyone seeking ease putting on footwear, including elderly people, disabled people, pregnant people and more.

The long metal shoe horn prevents you from crushing the back of your footwear and increases your shoe’s lifespan. Proper use will increase the lifespan of men’s, women’s and genderless footwear from sneakers, to boots, to loafers. All styles of footwear can benefit from not having their heel counter crushed.

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