We're open Tues-Thurs 8:30-5 & Fri/Sat 10-6! Pre-booking and rush options available!

Physical Accessibility

Our upper floor is mostly accessible to people using mobility aids; all consultations and fittings are done here. Our lower floor is closed to the public and separated by two stairs. If you have a disability, either visible or invisible, and have a difficult time reaching us, please let us know & we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Parking & the Sidewalk

From street level, our building’s pathway has a 6″ sidewalk curb and a slight incline. We have a movable ramp to help navigate this step, which we bring out when needed. We have a loading zone right outside our doors, which can be parked in for 30 minutes for those with a SPARC placard.

The Front Doors: Our building’s front double doors and our studio’s front double doors both lack automated opening and are heavy. We’re happy to hold them open for you. A single open door is 32.5″ wide, both doors open are 56″ wide.

Learn more about loading zones here.

Front counter

Our front counter is 40″ high. We can use our front sitting bench as an alternate front counter.


We have a full-length, 23″ wide mirror – good for people of all shapes and sizes, standing or sitting.

Floors & Lip

Our main entrance is tiled. It has a 2″ slanted lip through a 39.5″ wide ‘doorway’ that leads to our change room, upper floor, and washroom. The upper floor is old wood with some gaps.
Fitting Room: Our fitting room measures 43″ wide by 48.5″ depth with a pull-close cloth curtain in a 35″ wide doorway. The seat in the change room is 23.25″ high, 18.5″ deep.


Our restroom is on the upper floor and can be used as a more spacious change room for people with mobility aids. The bathroom door is 34″ wide with a 0.5″ lip onto the tile. The utility sink is 33.25″ high and 21″ deep (length across to the faucet). There is a large grab bar next to the toilet.